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Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale successfully defended a man accused of burglarizing six Westchester … read more

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Criminal Lawyer Westchester  Results  Results lawHave a look at some of these amazing results achieved by Richard A. Portale – Westchester and New York City Criminal Attorney. This is an ongoing blog, so please revisit frequently to catch our updates. Results shown here are only examples of some of Mr. Portale’s results.  As every case is different, you can not be guaranteed the same results in your case. However as a New York Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Portale gets the job done in top fashion, having won every single case but five in the last 15 years (And he tries a lot of cases!). We hope you enjoy reading our results.

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Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale successfully defended a New York City man accused in the burglary of six Westchester homes. Our client had signed a 2-page hand-written confession, but only after enduring hours of questioning and after the police made improper false promises. The jury acquitted the defendant in two hours.  Mr. Portale has defended several cases where clients have given police induced, involuntary confessions.  In a recent Westchester County homicide , Mr. Portale suppressed a six (6) hour long videotaped confession that was proven to be the product of custody and interrogation and involuntarily given. The client in that homicide had asked for her lawyer and she was later acquitted of manslaughter.

New Rochelle Police try to pin Assault/Reckless Endangerment Charges on Innocent Man. 
A well-known New Rochelle man faced trumped up charges of Reckless Endangerment in First Degree, DWI and Assault on Police Officer after a high speed car chase. The New Rochelle Officer testified, among other things, that our client drove through Memorial Circle in New Rochelle in a Ford Expedition traveling at 40 mph. Our Attorneys and an independent investigator, Michael Lyons (Now You See It – Investigations) used areal photographs to establish that the area was actually heavily wooded and therefore this claim was not credible. The Jury saw through the façade and the man was acquitted of all felonies.

Putnam County teen FALSELY accused of forcible Rape, successfully defended by NY criminal attorney, Richard Portale.  This young man lived with mom and was a conscientious student. But the two of them were still struggling with the death of their father/husband who had passed just a year earlier. This false allegation and investigation of forcible Rape could not have come at a worse time for this family. Our Attorneys got involved with this tragic case at an early stage and not only convinced the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office that this evil young lady was lying, but worked tirelessly to have her arrested on charges of Offering a False Instrument for Filing and Perjury. Adam levy, a breath of fresh air as newly elected Putnam County District Attorney, required the troubled girl to pay back the family for the money they spent on Attorney’s and Investigator’s fees.

The Putnam County District Attorney’s Office – under the former Administration – refused to consider this young man’s justification plea and he was forced to stand trial and therefore faced 25 years in state prison. Criminal Lawyer Westchester’s client, was charged with attempted murder in a gun/knife fight. He had used and imitation starter pistol to scare off 2 grown men following a road rage incident. The 2 men attacked, 1 man held him while the other beat him with the boy’s own gun – causing a gash on his head requiring 14 staples to close. Fearing for his life, the teen pulled out a knife and stabbed 1 man who nearly died. The teen was acquitted of all felonies by a jury of his peers.

A young school teacher was charged with driving while intoxicated after hours.  Although she submitted to DWI testing, all charges were dismissed as the accusatory instruments were exposed as being fatally defective, by Richard A. Portale, EQS NYC DUI Attorney.

Story: An expecting young woman was charged with Grand Larceny. She had made many mistakes in her life, but was ready to make a change in her life, not only for herself but, more importantly for the sake of her child. She had a prior felony and when she approached me to help her.

Charged with: Grand Larceny

If convicted: The DA was offering 2-6 years in State Prison.

Result: For 3 years, NY Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale battled the powers that be, until finally we achieved a dismissal of all criminal charges.

Westchester criminal Attorneys {focus_keyword} Molestation charges dismissed ny taxi cabs

Westchester Taxi Driver FALSELY Accused of Molesting Girl in Back of Cab.
A White Plains taxi driver was the victim of false allegations that he raped a New Rochelle woman in a church parking lot – when the woman couldn’t pay her fare. The man was accused of getting into backseat, locking all doors and attacking the woman. The man lost his job and his wife as a result but Our Westchester criminal Attorneys argued that the statement didn’t hold water because all the car’s doors couldn’t be locked from the backseat. All charges were dismissed and the man is back on his feet, back to work and remarried.

Westchester criminal Attorneys {focus_keyword} Molestation charges dismissed ny taxi cabs

A New York City working man and his fiancé were accompanied home by a third female – this dream turned into a nightmare when young woman later accused the client of forcible rape. Our Attorneys’ working knowledge of forensic DNA testing and procedures allowed the victim of this spurious allegation to maintain his innocence and preserve his integrity and reputation. All charges dismissed.

This donnybrook got very hot very fast, and an off-duty NYPD Officer and another man suffered injuries. Our client was charged with two (2) counts of Felony Assault.

Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale somehow managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and all criminal charges were dismissed.

Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale was taking a verdict in a Driving While Intoxicated trial (that resulted in an acquittal), when he noticed a United States Marine in full fatigues sitting in the Courtroom. Mr. Portale engaged the veteran to try to figure out why he was facing an imminent trial for Assault. It was revealed that the Veteran was charged with Assault for a bar fight that he won, where the whole incident was caught on camera.

After learning that this hero had served three (3) combat tours in Afghanistan, Mr. Portale took over as attorney and within two (2) weeks, all criminal charges were dismissed

Her daughter had a house party and the police were called. They refused to listen to reason and arrested this single mother of two, charging her with the crime of Criminal Nuisance in the Second Degree.

Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale refused to take “no” for an answer, even submitting a Pre-Plea memo to the Court and the District Attorney.

Ultimately, after reading Mr. Portale’s moving papers, the District Attorney dismissed all charges.

She is a 64 year-old retired teacher and she suffered from kidney failure.  She was driving home from dialysis to see her husband, a retired New York Fireman.  She got into an auto accident and she hurt someone.  Police and the DA over-reacted.  She was arrested and charged with a crime.  Westchester Criminal defense attorney Richard A. Portale brought common sense to the forefront and obtained a dismissal of all charges against our client.

Our client was a Brooklyn man who was on Federal Supervised release.  He was arrested in Westchester and charged with several counts of Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument for an incident at a local mall.  It took over a year to fight this case.  Former Prosecutor Richard A. Portale negotiated, then he fought, then he negotiated some more and ultimately all criminal charges were dismissed against our client.

A concerned Westchester professional confronted a local police chief about the lack of concern and action after hurricane Sandy.  The Chief physically initiated chest-to-chest contact, knocking our client to the ground.  Our client was then arrested and charged with a crime!  After months of hard-nosed negotiations, all criminal charges were dismissed!

A young man that police knew was on felony probation was found to be in possession of legal knife. He was inappropriately arrested, jailed and his probation violated. Our Attorneys not only had the improper charges dismissed – but the young man’s Probation was restored and his knife returned to him.

Richard A. Portale has proven he knows how to win, with results in cases similar to this. Success in and out of the courtroom is all that really matters when your lively hood is on the line.

If you have you have been arrested, or the police are talking to you,
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While we are proud of our past results, we can not guarantee future outcomes. For more information please read our terms of use.

Richard A. Portale has proven he knows how to win, and success in and out of the courtroom is all that really matters when your lively hood is on the line.

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