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Westchester Criminal Attorney, Richard A. Portale successfully defended a man accused of burglarizing six Westchester … read more

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We are a little more than a month late on this decision, but thought it was an interesting talking point. It reminds me of Funk Brothers. Rules isolated DNA sequences ineligible for patent protection – because the differen … read more

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Criminal Lawyer WestchesterHave a look at some of these amazing results achieved by Richard A. Portale – Westchester and New York City Criminal Attorney. This is an ongoing blog, so please revisit frequently to catch our updates. Results shown here are only examples of some of Mr. Portale’s results.  As every case is different, you can not be guaranteed the same results in your case. However as a New York Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Portale gets the job done in top fashion, having won every single case but five in the last 15 years (And he tries a lot of cases!). We hope you enjoy reading our results.

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She is a 64 year-old retired teacher and she suffered from kidney failure.  She was driving home from dialysis to see her husband, a retired New York Fireman.  She got into an auto accident and she hurt someone.  Police and the DA over-reacted.  She was arrested and charged with a crime.  Westchester Criminal defense attorney Richard A. Portale brought common sense to the forefront and obtained a dismissal of all charges against our client.

Our client was a Brooklyn man who was on Federal Supervised release.  He was arrested in Westchester and charged with several counts of Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument for an incident at a local mall.  It took over a year to fight this case.  Former Prosecutor Richard A. Portale negotiated, then he fought, then he negotiated some more and ultimately all criminal charges were dismissed against our client.

A concerned Westchester professional confronted a local police chief about the lack of concern and action after hurricane Sandy.  The Chief physically initiated chest-to-chest contact, knocking our client to the ground.  Our client was then arrested and charged with a crime!  After months of hard-nosed negotiations, all criminal charges were dismissed!

A young man that police knew was on felony probation was found to be in possession of legal knife. He was inappropriately arrested, jailed and his probation violated. Our Attorneys not only had the improper charges dismissed – but the young man’s Probation was restored and his knife returned to him.

Richard A. Portale has proven he knows how to win, with results in cases similar to this. Success in and out of the courtroom is all that really matters when your lively hood is on the line.

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While we are proud of our past results, we can not guarantee future outcomes. For more information please read our terms of use.

Richard A. Portale has proven he knows how to win, and success in and out of the courtroom is all that really matters when your lively hood is on the line.

MOUNT VERNON DAD SHOOTS ASSAILANT IN THE LEG – This well-known dude was simply picking up his dinner, when he was jumped and assaulted with a baseball bat.  This was not a wise move, as our client quickly wrested the bat away from his attackers and started swinging.  One of the thugs then pulled out a gun and that too turned out to be ill-advised.  Our client got the gun, shot his attacker in the leg and ran leaving the gun behind.  All criminal charges, included assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon were dismissed within a few short months.

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